Computer Repair / Virus Removal


From Viruses and Malware to Spyware and Pop-ups Leavenworth Online corrects them all.

Unlike most computer repair stores Leavenworth Online does not format computers to correct problems.  We believe that customers will want their computer back like it was before it was infected, we would.


Every Virus removal we perform includes the following:

Removal of the malicious programs.

Clean and repair the systems Registry.

Remove temporary files, and rouge programs.

Install OS security updates.

Verify Anti-Virus status, if your Anti-Virus software is not current or one is not installed we will install a free antivirus software for you.  Leavenworth Online will not release a computer without some form of Anti-Virus software installed.

Update other vulnerable software.  Java, Acrobat, Internet Explorer and other software can all have security problems, we install all available updates.

Many other tasks are also performed based on your specific installation.

Leavenworth Online stands behind all of our computer repairs with a free warranty!  Please speak to one of our staff members for details.


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